At Florida Air Academy, we are proud to develop students who blend academic ability, integrity and good character, along with a knowledge of world cultures, into a powerful force--well prepared for future success, growth, and 21st century leadership.

We provide an intellectually challenging academic program together with a structured environment that allows our students to be successful in the classroom and well prepared for college. Teachers also promote curiosity and learning in ways that reveal each student’s intellectual strengths, interests and passions.

Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School program at Florida Air Academy provides a well-developed and enriching environment. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders rotate through a seven period schedule with four core teachers, one elective period, daily P.E. and lunch. During the day, all students will be instructed in the core areas of science, social studies, mathematics, and English. Field trips related to these subjects occur on a regular basis.

High School Curriculum

The High School program at Florida Air Academy encourages further growth of the Student's knowledge in Mathematics, Science, English, World History, Foreign Language, Computers and Arts. Additionally, FAA offers Honors and Advanced Placement programs which offers specialized courses that are designed to challenge academically talented and motivated students.

Apple iPad Program

All students at Florida Air Academy utilize an Apple iPad while on campus, which serves as the cornerstone of our one-to-one technology program.

By incorporating digital learning standards into the curriculum, teachers can help students navigate and analyze information in a collaborative environment.

F.A.A. teachers also take the time to help students think through the perspectives and points of view of the sites they’re visiting, and to decide whether or not they wish to adopt these points of view as their own.

1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 723–3211
Toll Free: (877) 422–2338

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